D&D, Cards worklog (eng)

Hi all.

A few days ago, I started working on creating cards. It will be a long process. Very long.

Why? I need cards for spells. I need cards for race traits and class features. I need cards for conditions. I need cards for feats and other things. I need many cards in Rrussian. I know that there are already official cards on sale. But there are only PHB cards. And only race traits, class features and spells. I need more. I need Xanathar and other books content too.

Back to work log. At For now, I made the desing for spells (A6), race traits (A7) and class features (A7). I made about 10 spell cards, all race traits (40 pieces), all feature cards for barbarian (20) and bard (11), and few feature cards for fighter (10).

Unfortunately, I can’t share my work. Sorry, guys.

P.S. Translate of «Tasha’s cauldron» is frozen. I need to improve my English to do it.

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        1. Okay. And thank you.
          But as I wrote previously translation is temporarily frozen. I don’t have enough vocabulary to read without dictionary. I need a time to get it and learn grammar.

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